Hey, you! 
Yes you, you spooky little cutie.
Reckon you've got what it takes to represent Banned Alternative and earn a pretty penny in the process? Then look no further. 
It doesn't matter if you have a small but stylish following or a modern day cult leader (only joking about that..kinda?) we welcome anyone that loves the brand and loves representing a positive but spooky community. 

What's in it for you, you may ask?
Well, my dears. We offer 3 levels of this fab opportunity.
When you join, you will get your own dashboard and will automatically be in the 'Banned from Society' tier receiving: 6% commission from each referral! 
Includes own referral link to promote however you see fit- do what you want with it.
'Sinful Saints'
8% commission from each referral & the opportunity to be gifted with free products to promote! 
Includes own referral link & unique discount code
'Cult Leader'
10% commission from each referral, the opportunity to be gifted with free products to promote, including early access to new collections and to be shortlisted for future modeling opportunities.
Includes own referral link, unique discount code & graphics/content. Ready for it?

Email us on  with any questions or click here to sign up. 

We review our VIP’s every 3 months, and the successful VIP will move to the next group, any unused referral links the account will automatically be deleted.